Characteristics of the vineyard

Developed by the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, this technique greatly improves the gustatory quality of wines and creates richer, more silky, elegant and luscious tannins, without any astringency or bitter flavours.
With a leaf surface twice that of traditional culture, the lyre training system improves photosynthesis and grape maturity and substantially reduces the risk of rot.
As is the case for Grands crus classés wines, hand harvesting contributes greatly to the quality of the wine. The unique advantages of this technique are particularly useful to deal with difficult vintages, thus enabling the three castles to produce great wines year after year.
Our wines are served at France’s best tables, in 71 starred restaurants across France and at refined tables in 23 countries.

The vineyard is equipped with an observation station and a weather station with a direct link to the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique. The plant protection products that we use to treat our vines are biodegradable within 8 days and, whenever possible, are based on natural substances. This results in more frequent treatments which leave no residual traces in the wine but increase production costs. This method enables us to produce wines that are close to “organic”.

One family, three vineyards, three castles
Characteristics of the vineyard
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